peter parker is bisexual and nothing can convince me otherwise

Hahahahahahahahaha I can’t do CBT with the wellbeing team any more because I finished my 6 sessions and they can’t offer any more support because I’m still under CAMHS

SO the lady I was seeing (who was super lovely and I’ll miss her) is going to write to Cat (my therapist at CAMHS) to say that I need more support etc because apparently it’s CAMHS’s responsibility because I’m under 18 still

And she’s referring me to a ‘primary care liaison officer’ who might be able to see me - that’s basically a service for people who are between services (aka me)

Also I might be able to go back to the wellbeing team once I’m 18 so that’s good and they could offer more support then

Idk this is all a mess I am very sad and I hate everything


Before I return to New York portraits, I want to share some portraits and stories that I gathered on an unscheduled side trip that I took to Jerusalem. Because of the hastily arranged nature of the trip, I worked with some unorthodox interpreters, including an extremely bright sixteen year old Palestinian boy. He approached everyone quite confidently, until we got to this group, and suddenly he got fidgety and clammed up. “Um, I don’t know,” he said. “They, um, will probably say no, um, maybe we should ask someone else.”



Thank god for good lighting


watching how to get away with murder! i hope it’s as good as people are saying??

I look cute today


i just sorted through my emails and did some of the mcdonalds stuff and checked my nottingham mentor emails and yay for being productive i’m gonna make lunch now